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Veronique Pierre

Veronique Pierre
Founder of Yoga Laurentides Yoga
Yoga Instructor & Zumba® fitness Instructor


Certified as a yoga instructor since 2013 and with more than 17 years of teaching experiences in the sport world, Veronique has been practicing yoga for a little over 15 years. As an ex figure skating choreographer at the national and provincial level, Véronique has always possess a personalized approach for her clients.


« It is not a question of imposing a technique but to work from the body in front of me and to train it slowly to mold itself according to its composition ».

In 2015, she obtained her certification of therapeutic yoga with the honorable Dr. Bali. This new vision has changed the way she teach a yoga class forever, with a more metaphysic and true approach.

She’s also giving conference on wellness and yoga. Discover her conferences at www.veroniquepierre.com.

She is also a well-established Zumba® fitness instructor in the Laurentians. She also carries a Canfitpro (FIS) certification. She continues to refine her knowledge by taking various formations in the well-being industry. Her pedagogical skills and creativity make Veronique an engaged instructor towards her clients.

Member of Fédération Francophone de Yoga.

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Guest professor

Marc-Joseph-Chalfoun _ MJ Ganesh

Yoga Laurentides is proud to welcome MJ Ganesh in its family.

MJ Ganesh (Marc-Joseph Chalfoun) has been teaching Hatha Yoga since 2006.  In 2012, he began offering kirtans which are sacred chant sessions in the Bhakti tradition. You will be inspired by his spiritual teaching and his sense of humor…and let us not forget his musical touch!

“Classes with integrated meditation”



At Yoga Laurentides, we practice yoga in its mind-body-soul integrality. Asanas (postures), pranayamas (breathing) et dhyana (meditation) are 3 basic components that you will find in each of our yoga classes.

« Though I am glad to see this explosion of Yoga in North America, it is important to me that we offer a pure, simple and true yoga practice ».

Veronique Pierre, Founder of Yoga Laurentides




What is Yoga?

VeroPierre_coursThe word “yoga” means UNION. Hatha-Yoga is the union between the spirit and the body. Yoga practice goes further than simply executing exercise movements. It is a life hygiene, an education system for the body, the mind and the inner life. The goal of Yoga is Self Knowledge.

The 5 Principles of Yoga:

Good Relaxation | Good Breathing | Good Exercise | Sane Nutrition | Positive Thinking & Meditation.

At Yoga Laurentides, we offer a variety of classes and events to give you complete tools in order to help you live a more fulfill life.





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